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Table 1.1: Resource Bank
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Academic Resources on Learning

Posted 9-25-16

Patrick DelRosario

Many of us read blogs about learning and discuss the learning process with our colleagues, but few of us actually bother keeping up with the latest science. Maybe it’s because, if we do manage to identify a source or two, we are immediately turned off by all the dense scientific jargon. Or maybe it’s not always clear which resources provide information specifically on learning and not just education in general. Our goal in this article is to supply you with approachable scientific materials you can actually read and use. That way, you can stay interested and informed, and your students can benefit.

Home/School or Private Placement: A.T. Equipment Agreement Form

Posted 5-17-16

MaryLou Hatley

For AT that does not stay on district site(s), for home-school transporting of AT, or for use of district-owned equipment at private/alternate locations or other facilities.

Google Docs Voice Training Lesson Plans

Posted 3-7-16

Joan Manchester

I am endeavoring to compile a set of lesson plans to teach elementary and middle school students voice training. My goal is to compile data from pre-testing, 3-4 lessons, and post-testing to prove the increase in voice recognition accuracy. These plans are in a very initial stage and are currently being used. Helpful suggestions are appreciated-and thank you in advance!

Google Forms to Track Behavior

Posted 5-14-15

Sharon Eilts

I ended up creating and using sort of a frequency count style using scale with no text as options for the targeted behaviors and a pull down menu for each class along with a comments area. After trying different layouts, this was the best for my needs. Of course then a spreadsheet is created and you can tally for totals using excel formulas easily.

Evaluation of Student for Speech Recognition

Posted 3-3-15

Bridgette Nicholson

This is an HTML or printable form which will allow teachers to evaluate a students' potential for use of speech recognition.

Social Narrative Apps Comparison Chart

Posted 12-6-14

Darla Ashton

Compares features of some apps that can be used to create social narratives or stories.

Tally Baseline

Posted 11-3-14

Nettie Fischer

Tally Communication opportunities with vocalization/prompt.

Comprehensive Switch Tally Data

Posted 11-3-14

Nettie Fischer

Incorporate miscellaneous variable relative to switch access skills.

Object - Photo- Icon Data

Posted 11-3-14

Nettie Fischer

Reviewing communication language considerations.

Keyboarding Student Log

Posted 11-3-14

Nettie Fischer

Log time and file options for keyboard practice

Data Collection Templates

Posted 11-3-14

Nettie Fischer

Miscellaneous forms for data collection.

Speech Recognition as AT for Writing: A Guide for K-12 Education

Posted 10-21-14

Daniel Cochrane

Students need to be taught how to use speech recognition before you can really assess whether it works for them as assistive technology. This guide walks you through the process. The most up-to-date version is available as an ebook at

Assistive Technology Flow Chart

Posted 9-11-14

Sara Menzel

From IEP Consideration to Assistive Technology Plan.

Assistive Technology Plan

Posted 9-11-14

Sara Menzel

Form that documents AT a student has tried, or is using, with effectiveness rating. The Plan is documented on the IEP form and meant to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Request for Assistive Technology Assistance

Posted 9-11-14

Sara Menzel

Sample referral form.

Assistive Technology Procedures for IEP Teams

Posted 9-11-14

Sara Menzel

Sample procedure detailing team members responsible and forms to use.

AT Consideration and Process for IEP Teams

Posted 9-11-14

Sara Menzel

This PowerPoint is meant to be presented with a packet of forms, including QIAT Indicators for Consideration and the Consideration Guide (Adapted from QIAT Leadership Team (2013), Assistive Technology Procedures for IEP Teams (sample), Request for AT Assistance (sample), and Assistive Technology Plan

iOS Word Prediction Apps Comparison Chart


Darla Ashton

This document compares several features of iOS word prediction apps.

A Resource Guide to Assistive Technology for Students with Visual Impairments
Posted 1-6-2014

Contact: Lisa Tebo

This resource guide was completed as a capstone project in fulfillment of a M.Ed. Degree at Bowling Green State University. It describes low-tech to high-tech AT to support students with VI across all curricular areas.

Accessibility Standards in Procurement
Posted 12-23-2013

Contact: Jan McSorley

The Accessibility Standards in Procurement document contains a sample rubric that school districts could modify and embed into RFPs for digital content.

AT Myths and Misconceptions

Contact: Mary Keeney
Posted 12-14-2013

Powerpoint which includes top ten AT Myths.

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Add or Edit text box

Contact: Nettie Fischer
Posted 11-26-2013

Add a text box to pdf file to support interactive use with Free Adobe Reader.

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Adding a submit Button to Forms

Contact: Nettie Fischer
Posted 11-26-2013

Add a submit button to your interactive form for ease in returning completed document.

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Creating Fillable Forms

Contact: Nettie Fischer
Posted 11-26-2013

Create interactive forms that can be completed in the Free Adobe Reader.

UDL Placemat of Core Apps VERSION 2

Contact:Barbara Welsford
Posted 11-13-2013

An updated version of the UDL Placemat is now available. The App icons are clickable links and will lead you to the iTunes site for more information on the App. Feedback, suggested additions, edits & comments welcomed.

MLU Data Sheet 2

Contact:Julie Ford
Posted 11-7-2013

Length of sentence, number of words student can find on his own, independence.

MLU Data Sheet

Contact:Julie Ford
Posted 11-7-2013

Data for independence, sequences 2 or 3 icons.

PA AT Consultant Competencies
Posted 10-31-2013

Contact: Susan Gill

This document was developed with much stakeholder input and valuable support from Joy Zabala and Gayl Bowser. It is important to note that it is neither a job description nor a means of evaluating job performance, but serves as a means of self-assessment for professional development planning.

Learning From Text
Posted 10-18-2013

Contact: Jan McSorley

An article written by Dr. Dave Edyburn with assistive technology examples. Posted with his permission.

Reading Difficulties
Posted 10-18-2013

Contact: Jan McSorley

An article written by Dr. Dave Edyburn with assistive technology examples. Posted with his permission.

Searching QIAT Archives
Posted 10-9-2013

Contact: Joan Breslin-Larson

This is a document that gives tips on searching the QIAT archives.

Documents on the iPad - with Claro PDF and Google Drive

Contact:Bridgette Nicholson
Posted 9-26-2013

Step by step instructions on how students can get their work from teachers through Google Drive, open the document in Claro PDF, use Claro PDF to read out text and write onto the document, and then email completed document to teacher.

Clicker 5 Shortcut Sheet

Contact:Julie Ford
Posted 9-10-2013

How to make grids and access Learning Grids site.

Access Is A Civil Right

Contact:Jan McSorley
Posted 4-16-2013

A one-page resource for people to use regarding equally effective access to the general curriculum for students with disabilities.

Apps to Encourage Movements for Students with Physical Disabilities

Contact:Kathy White
Posted 4-15-2013

List of apps that can be used to encourage students with physical disabilities to move. May be useful for PT's and OT's.

Apps Consideration Form

Contact: Hindie Becker Dershowitz
Posted 4-15-2013

Consideration form with questions that committee members might want to consider when evaluating an app.

iPad Features Chart

Contact: Gayl Bowser

A list of iPad Features was developed with contributions from the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) Community’s electronic mail list. 

Creating Fillable forms in Adobe Acrobat Professional

Contact: Nettie Fischer

The directions allow a user to create an interactive fillable form that is accessible with the free adobe reader program.  The author can create and send forms/worksheets, etc. via email and the recipient can complete, save and email the completed form.

Working with PDF Documents Adobe Acrobat X
Posted 8-2-2012

Contact:Lynda Hartman

This document will explain the various ways that teachers obtain/create PDF documents on both Mac and PC computers and what may be needed in order for these documents to be accessible to support reading and writing tasks.

Using Notability App for Math Writing Tasks

Contact: Lynda Hartman

Notability is a $.99 app for the iPad. The pencil writing feature along with the magnifier tool, may allow a means for students to write math more legibly than on paper. See as a possible bridge tool between MathPad+ and MathType.
Posted 4-21-2012

Contact: Dave Hohulin

 This is a wiki that has been developed to give a more "interactive" way to find apps based on features.  It utilizes Diigo to review app features, and you do need to apply to be a part of that Diigo group, but we welcome one and all! Scroll down the left-hand side to select a category, click on a feature, and you should see a list of some apps that have been reviewed.

iPad apps list
Posted 4-19-2012

Contact: Julie Ford

This document has apps by category, cost, link, description, and photo of app.

AT Recommendation Consent Form - Recording in Classroom Setting
Posted 2-23-2012

Contact:Nettie Fischer

This form is designed to address confidentiality issues when a recording device is recommended as a result of an AT assessment It is available for free use in the educational arena with the acknowledgment footer maintained.  Feel free to add the district logo to header.

IWB Comparison Questions (Interactive Whiteboard Comparison Questions)
Posted 2-12-2012

Contact:Jill Gierach

A form used to help individuals do a feature match and  take this infomation to the vendors as they are deciding.

OneNote Basics 2010 (Please note this document requires Microsoft OneNote to read it.)
OneNote Basics 2010 (Same file but zipped)
Posted 1-8-2012

Contact:Sherri Parkins

An introductory OneNote file that can be used to teach the basics (and beyond!) of OneNote. It covers creating new notebooks, adding pages and sections, use of template pages, customizing the Ribbons, recording audio, reviewing and revising, use of "tags", using colour coding, searching, etc.!
Audio AUP Form (Livescribe Pen)
Posted 12-21-2011

Contact: Andrew Hess
An acceptable use policy sign-off form for using audio recording in the classroom, specifically the Livescribe Smart Pen.

AT Kits from Arizona Dept of Ed
Posted 12-20-2011

Contact: Mary Keeney

This Excel spreadsheet lists the titles and contents of various AT kits that the Arizona Department of Education loans to teachers and therapists through our AT Loan Library. These kits were put together by Janelle Bauerle, our program manager.

Directions for Getting Bookshare Books onto the iPad
Posted 11-29-2011

Contact: Allyson Robinson

Follow to get downloaded books from Bookshare onto the Read2Go app on the iPad.

Converting Bookshare Files to Kindle
Posted 11-29-2011

Contact: Wendy Homlish

Convert Bookshare files (text with images) to Kindle Format

Inclusive Practices Toolkit Items
Posted 11-8-2011

Contact: Susan Swanson

All schools in our district have an Inclusive Practices Toolkit--a compilation of items that contribute to the success of all students.

Sorting AAC Aaps OCT302011
Posted 10-31-2011

Contact: Kelly Fonner

This handout includes a checklist of Features of AAC Applications for Ipads/Ipods/Iphones and Androids, as well as a listing of Aaps as of October 26, 2011. Resources for keeping up to date are on the 2nd page.

AT Referral Form
Posted 10-12-2011

Contact: Wendy Homlish

Use this form for teams to provide information prior to initial meeting.

AT Specialist SPED and Technology Duties
Posted 10-11-2011

Contact: Cindy Szulewski-Booth

Describes the duties of a School System AT Specialist that is shared with the Technology Departments

AT AssistantSPED and  Technology Duties
Posted 10-11-2011

Contact: Cindy Szulewski-Booth

Describes the duties of the AT specialist that is a shared position between the Technology and Special Education Departments.

Liability for personally owned devices
Posted 9-13-2011

Contact: Julie Ford

 District created document for ALL students who bring in personally owned devices.

Responsibilities for Parent owned iPad
Posted 9-13-2011

Contact: Julie Ford

 If a student brings in an iPad from home, this outlines the responsibilities of everyone. BTC is building tech coordinator.

iPad District Owned
Posted 9-13-2011

Contact: Julie Ford

Responsibilities if a child is assigned an iPad from the district.

Parent iPad Letter
Posted 9-13-2011

Contact: Julie Ford

Document for parents to fill out on how the student has been using iPad at home.

iPad Guiding Questions
Posted 9-13-2011

Contact: Julie Ford

Questions to go over with parents to determine when iPad can be used.

MathPad Plus Materials
Posted 8-20-2011

Contact: Lynda S. Hartman

Materials that describe functions of IntelliTools MathPad Plus software including descriptions of toolbars. Can be used for training purposes. (This is a zip or compressed file).

iPad Operational Basics - Notetaking Guide
Posted 8-9-2011

Contact: Shelley Haven

Notetaking outline to guide adult trainees through the operational aspects of an iPad during a hands-on training (not meant as a stand-alone tutorial).

Posted 5-31-2011

Contact: Harvey Press

Mobile phone and tablet apps have the special appeal of ease of access and convenience in situations where time so often is of the essence, and space is so often limited (e.g., inside ambulances, or at bedside). The apps listed  represent just the tip of the iceberg of the resources that are now so quickly becoming available, but they illustrate the broad range of purposes that can be met by mobile apps in health care settings, for people with language and cultural differences, for people with transitory or long-term communication difficulties, for those with low health literacy, and for other significant segments of the health care population.

Handwriting_Keyboarding Rates
Posted 5-7-2011

Contact: Lynda Hartman

This document contains information from various sources on handwriting and/or keyboarding rates.

Posted 4-25-2011

Contact: Jacquie Criger

Form used in Indian Prairie School District, to get accessible materials for specific students.

Posted 1-24-2011

Contact: Carolann Cormier

This is a listing of etext resources I have been compiling for several years. I have not updated it in the past year, so some of the links may no longer be active.

Posted 1-23-2011

Contact: Nancy Shuster

This eReader comparison chart is submitted in response to a previous discussion about eReaders.

Posted 1-6-2011

Contact: Kathy Foster

This form was developed through T/TAC, VDOE and AIM/VA for AT consideration in the IEP as part of the Assistive Technology Priority Project.

Posted 12-13-2010

Contact: Gayl Bowser

This form was created to document that a family is sending equipment to school to be used in the student's program.  It is specific to AAC equipment but can be modified for any AT.

Additional Resources